Самый лучший крючок? Обзор крючков addi, tulip, clover и другие. Best hook for crocheting?

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Hi! I love crocheting! And I was looking for a perfect hook for last few months.

I was buying hooks of different vendors, and each of them was not perfect.

Until I've bought this hook! It is a hook of vendor – Clover.

Series of hooks – Amour.

And now I'll tell you how I've reached such decision.

This hook – is the cheapest one.

It is done by vendor – Mondial.

I didn't like this hook.


this head bulges aside too much.

And it disturbed me a lot while crocheting.

One more flaw of this hook is that it bends.

And it is of a very low quality.

You may throw it away.

Second one, is twice more expensive than a cheapest one.

This hook was done by vendor Pony.

It was packed with such carton.

This hook is not bad.

But it has one flaw.

Too sharp endge of a head.

And it was a little bit uncomfartable to use it.

But in general this hook is pretty good.

It is smooth.

And it doesn't bend too much.

But still I was looking for a perfect hook.

Then I've bought a hook of a vendor – Prym.

This hook is ~3 times more expensive than a cheapest one.

It was in such carton.

It looks very solid, doesn't bend.

This part is very smooth.

But this place is too smooth as well and hook was too slick while working.

I didn't use it a lot, because it has too massive head.

It is ~2x thicker than this part.

And head was hardly passing through the loops while working.

Thats why I've put it aside.

And I've bought one more hook of vendor – addi.

It had such packing, and cost as Prym costs.



3 times more expensive than a cheapest one.

I liked it from a first touch.

It didn't bend, here handle is not slick.

But this part wasn't slick as well, and I was very disappointed – I wasn't able to work fast using it.

As it was using Pony hook.

But it has very good head.

It is not sharp here.

It doesn't split the yarn by this part.

And I was using it from time to time.

Due to that this place polished a little bit.

And become slick.

After that it become even better than a Pony hook.

And it become my favourite one.

Until I've got Clover hooks as a present.

This is a Clover hook, Amour series.

All hooks from this series have nice, coloured, rubbered handles.

When you take it, you immediately want to crochet something! They are very ergonomic, hand doesn't slick while working.

This part is slick.

So yarn is moving here very smooth.

And head here is just perfect! This place is not too sharp or too blunt.

This place – doesn't split the yarn.

Very comfortable to pick up yarn.

Head here is of a perfect size – very easy pass inside the loops.

It is a hook of a dream! The only minus of this hook is its price.

It is ~10 times more expensive than the cheapest hook.

But it worth it! Especially those feelings that I feel during the work! As well I want to show you small hooks.

I have a hook of a vendor – tulip, the cheapest one.

As well the hook of a vendor – kartopu.

It cost the same as a previous one.

And a Clover Amour hook.

Tulip hook – the most popular for doing small things.

It stuffed with such plastic cap.

It has a good handle.

The only minus – is that it may be slick during work.

Head id good enough, not too sharp, and pick the yarn very well.

But I wanted the hook that is not slick during work.

And I've bought the hook of a vendor – kartopu.

And this hook is awful! This silicone handle is sliding during work.

It can be totally pulled off from the hook.

Not really comfortable.

Spearhead was so bad, so I throw it away immediately.

It was all in notches and it was very uncomfortable to work.

So, I've inserted an tulip hook into that silicone handle.

And was using it, until I've got a Clover hook.

Small Clover Amour hooks are stuffed with caps.

It has all the advantages of Clover hooks of a bigger size.

But difference between tulip and Clover hooks – is that Clover hook has smaller head.

And it better pass inside the loops.

Thats why I may work longer with a Clover hook.

And a few words about big size hooks.

This is a regular hook from some Chinese vendor.

It is heavy, but head is pretty good, and I was using it in crocheting bags.

But due to its weight hand got tired faster.

This is a plastic hook of a vendor – Pony, it is very light.

But it has one big minus.

This place – is very sharp.

And it always splittig the yarn while working.

That's why it is impossible to work using it.

Here is a Clover Amoure hook.

It has an advantage of plastic – it is very light.

A silicone handle – which is not slick.

And a very good shape of a head.

Not too sharp here.

And here – not splitting the yarn.

Thats why I may conclude – that the best hooks are the hooks of a Clover Amour series.

All hooks are sold in such packings.

Hope this video was useful for you! If yes – press Like under the video! See you in next videos, bye!.

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