عمل زهرية من الزجاجات الفارغة (73)Vase work of empty bottles

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In the name of Allah the Merciful Peace, mercy and blessings of God Today we will give you a very beautiful act of empty bottle We need it to two bottles Liberate cover We cut this part of the bottle We get this part We get the other bottle and the lack of this part We get this part We get two pieces We can cut this piece in a different color so that the work appears We get the glue And put the lid on this piece And leave to dry After that we come in this dry colored part even work shows We come from the upper part of the bottle and put so We get complimented fixed Vase We come with flowers and put them in a vase Thus, we get a beautiful vase of empty bottle What we have done is re-installation of the bottle And can anyone who wants to do so Decoration I think it is easy to work and does not take time This is the advantage of waste You do not need time nor effort nor expense We hope everyone tells us that in his opinion in this work And we can put water in a bottle and keep the natural roses Or use it for agriculture Peace on u all and mercy of ALLAH.

Source: Youtube