″Flower Power″ exhibition blooms 전시장에서 꽃이 피다

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Many people have started to head outdoorsto enjoy spring.

But, if you′re one of those who doesn′twant to go out because of the yellow duest, rain or allergies,.

this next report mightbe just for you.

Our Yim Yoon-hee is here to tell us allabout it.

Of course, nothing beats getting some freshair and checking out the cherry blossoms, but today I have the works of some artistswho give Mother Nature a run for her money.

I have a couple of exhibitions today caughtin the Spring fever.

Take a look.

Petals unfurl,.

a flower opens up intofull bloom.

Spring is in the air, but it′s also inthe halls of the Park Ryu Sook Gallery.

Yes, they′re made out of plastic or vinyl,.

Butthese flowers are just as beautiful as those found in the great outdoors.

The exhibition, ″Flower Power″, features the work of 9 different artists, each withtheir own take on the beautiful and bizarre blossoms found in natureAlthough it′s just paint on a canvas, these flower paintings are nothing short ofextraordinary.

[KOREAN]″Through the medium of flowers, although it′s something everyone is familiar with,people can receive inspiration and even strength.

″ British artist Mustafa Hulusi encourages viewersto see flowers in a new way.

His work juxtaposes geometric patterns alongsideblooms and fruit.

[ENGLISH]″The reason why I have the figurative and the abstract in the same painting is thatI′m describing reality in two different forms of representation, both describinghow the world is and how we see it.

″ Whether it′s under blue skies, or in thehalls of this gallery, spring is in the air.

I′m intrigued by those abstract-realist pieces by artist Mustafa Hulusi.

Tell me moreabout him.

Flowers sometimes stop you in your tracks.

Have you ever just stopped and really looked at a gorgeous magnolia tree in bloom.


And interestingly, British artist Hulusiwants his art work to have the same effect.

So he creates those eye-popping designsand puts them next to beautiful flowers to, as he says, ″stop people in their tracks.

″But most stunning is the fact that they′re not actually photographs, but are in factpaintings.

He said he wanted to create a situation wherepeople suddenly realize that these ″photos″ are actually paintings.

The first exhibition we saw, who are some of the artists involved there?Yes, there are quite a few well known Korean contemporary artists.

Some artists even incorporate images very familiar to Koreans, like the image of theHallabong fruit from Jeju-do.

One Korean artist to pay close attention tois Choi Jung-hwa.

He is known for recycling material, andincorporating everyday materials into his artwork.

In the report you saw the flower globe, but also the air filled flower that openedand closed.

Those are both his works, and in both,he said he really toyed around with the idea of plastic flowers being immortal.

That′s definit.

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