3 Tips for Wedding Aisle Flowers | Wedding Flowers

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Well, walking down the aisle is obviouslyyour big entree moment.

And it's the first time your guests are seeing you.

And it'sreally the introduction to your whole affair.

So, it's really important to think about whatkinds of elements you want there at the ceremony.

And specifically on the aisle.

A lot of people use just a very simple posyof flowers on every isle end or every other aisle end.

That's a nice way to bring in somecolor and some texture and give a little hint of the flowers they're going to see laterat the reception for your wedding.

And you don't want to necessarily spend aton of money, I would advise, for the wedding on flowers.

Just because there's so many otherplaces that are going to have a longer impact on your guests.

So, if you think about the amount of timethat people are walking down the aisle to take their seats at your ceremony it's a shortamount of time.

And they don't necessarily have a view for the entire length of the ceremonyeven of those aisle and flowers.

So, think about where you want to spend yourmoney.

But that first walk in and aha moment when your guests see those wedding isle flowersis a place where you can have a nice impact.

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