6 Tips for Picking Wedding Centerpieces | Wedding Flowers

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Well, this a really fun question to answer.

What's the best wedding centerpiece? I do get this question a lot from people, whatdo you think is the most amazing thing that you can possibly do for your wedding, or ifyou had your wedding and you had a limitless budget, what would you use? I think the answerto that is that the best wedding centerpiece is the wedding centerpiece that appeals toyou the most.

The process of selecting flowers for yourwedding should be a collaboration between you and your florist.

So the best idea wouldbe to pull images from either, the internet or from magazines, even from your own art,or things that inspire you and to come in and talk to your florist about what it isthat you envision.

Do you envision very tall centerpieces, where people are just wowedwhen they walk in the room, or is it something that is going to be low and intimate, so thatpeople can talk to each other across the table? If you think about centerpieces, in termsof larger concepts like palette, size, scope, price, what's your budget like and to be realisticabout those kind of choices, I think then you can come up with the very best centerpiecefor you and something that's unique that's not like anybody else's centerpiece at theirwedding.

But a centerpiece is an incredibly important element of the wedding, and so youshould really use this opportunity to collaborate with your florist, when thinking about centerpieces.

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