Bardy Farms in Warren, NJ

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At Bardy Farms we're here for the community,we're here for the families, and we're here to help.

We sell all fresh products.

You'll find tomatoesthat were in the field that morning.

Peaches that were on the tree, they're picked freshevery single day.

Corn picked fresh everysingle day.

We don't sell second day.

Almost 12, 13 varieties of different types of apples and you can sample them if you want.

We have bakers that come from Brooklyn every couple days.

So instead of shopping all over we bring it all together here.

My grandfather, Abraham Bardy, started BardyFarms originally when he came over from Russia.

And my father, Phil, maintained the farm,and I'm Rob Bardy.

We've always been in farming, that's our thing.

We're farmers from day one.

People love coming here because we help peopleif they need.

In the mornings if they are in a hurry they can just leave the money andgo.

If they are running late we'll put it outside for them so they can just pick itup.

I farm seven days a week, I run the store.

As I always say, I only work half a day, from six in the morning until six at night.

And, you gotta love it.

How could you not?This is what I do, this is what I love and I get to see people and meet people and bewith people all day long.

They're so nice and friendly and it's a lot of fun.

I'd like you to come visit us, come visitthe farm.

Take a look around, see what we're about.

We're at Bardy Farms in Warren, NJ.

We're here for you.

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