Cake Decoration Tips : How to Add Flowers to Cake Decorations

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Hi, I'm Karen for Expert Village.

To finishoff our cake, I've made a few little embellishments.

I've cut a piece of white fondant.

Just aflat white piece, that will serve as a greeting card.

And you can write your greeting righton there.

And then I've cut a bunch of flowers if you want to add some flowers.

A littlebouquet around the greeting card.

You can pre-cut flowers and save them for any project.

And you just want to adhere them with a little bit of icing like this.

And if you put theleaves down first, and then add the flowers in a cluster, using big ones and small ones.

It add a little bit of, just a little bit more color to the cake.

And then we just put a little dot of frostinginto each of the flower centers.

Lets try one more yellow one.

And then you can writeyour little greeting on the top.

And that completes our gift box decoratedcake.

Source: Youtube