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Hi everyone welcome to my video! Today i'm going to show you some of the 3d flower images available in Cricut design space.

These are all free if you have cricut access.

For the flowers I am going to show you, I created a new project in design space then went to insert images in the search function I then typed '3d flower' As you can see, the following images came up.

I clicked on the information on one of the spirals and then clicked on the cartridge 'FLOWER SHAPPE' This took me directly to the entire contents of the FLOWER SHAPPE cartridge.

The 3d rolled flowers are made using this spiral image.

I'm just going ahead and clicking on all the available spirals in this cartridge just to show you each and every flower that they make.

I'll then go ahead and insert the images into design space.

For the samples i'm going to show you i decided to size each of the spirals at three inches wide.

For those of you that are eagle-eyed you will notice that I have only made 9 samples.

I've chosen to leave this purple spiral out as it's extremely similar to the red one and I don't particularly like flower that it makes.

after sizing the spirals I then cut them out on my cricut explore air.

For the cardstock i decided to use a classic vintage paper stack book that i bought from THE WORKS a couple of weeks ago.

I believe it's also available at THE RANGE.

I'll now show you what each spiral looks like when made into the 3d flower I hope this has helped show you some of the 3d flower images available on Cricut design space.

I've also done a tutorial on how I make my 3d roses.

So please do take a look Don't forget to tag me on facebook or instagram with any of your makes or projects that you've made following on from these tutorials.

Thanks very much for watching and hopefully I'll have another one for you soon.


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