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Hi I'm Sophie and welcome to my worldand I'm excited today because I have my good friend Frankie and she and I aregonna be making something really really really fun today.

What are we gonna make? We are going to make paper flowers.

Exactly! Now these are not your tissuepaper flowers these are really fun kind of of origami like paper flowers so wedon't need too much for this Frankie we're gonna need some paper now if youcan find double sided paper that's awesome like sometimes have you ever done origami? once or twice.

Origami is funbut it's a little tough so sometimes you can find origami papers that are already double-sided or scrapbook paper that's double sided.

In our case Frankie and I are goingto be using five inch squares you can make them bigger if you want to 6 inch, 7 inch squares, it's up to you we're going to be using some five inch squares and we're going to be attaching our flower Frankie to a pencil.

Then you can take them and you can sharpen them and you can use them for your homework and stuff like that.

We're gonna use some tape just regular tape andscissors just in case and my personal favorite.

Squishy balls.

Puff balls.

Some people call them squishy balls.

I like squishy balls They're sparkly.

And we're gonna be usingour glue gun today as well but I'm gonna let you help me with it but you knowit's always smart to have adult supervision with that the first thingFrankie pick a piece of paper that you like.

I like this one.

Put the other ones off to the side and now if you do have a double-sided piece you can skip the step that we're justabout to do.

You're gonna fold this from corner to corner to make a triangle.

Fold it so its corner to corner Now if you have double-sided you can just fold a five inch square into a triangle and cut this and that will giveyou two pieces ok now I'm gonna take this little point and we're going tofold it all the way up to the middle point in there.

And then we'regonna repeat on the other side and then repeat on the other side so we end upwith a tiny square.

The creasing is always important.

Take your finger and give it a good crease ok now you ready for this This part you're gonna take this littlepoint and you're just gonna fold it down so that this line here, this side goesagainst this side here and I like to use my thumb as kind of a measure so it'sjust kind of a thumb down like that so it's kinda like you're folding down an ear almost.

Okay and then we're gonna do it on the other side fold that down.

Now see this edge? Fold it to the outer edge to make a skinny triangle.

We're making lots of triangles.

This edge here this whole line is going to that wholeouter line.

So, this edge here goes to the outer edge here.

You're making basically what looks like in origami it could be like these are the ears and this would be the nosethis would be like a dog's face so you got it good.

Except you want to take that edge and fold it like a kite There you go.

You got it andthen you want to do that on the other side.

You're doing a great job remember to get this edge in the center So now we've got this squareand these triangles and what we're gonna do is we're just going to kind of fold itinto a little tube that's why we need to make sure that these went to the outside.

To take them and stick them together we're just gonna put a little bit of glue and then we're gonna sandwich these two together What I like to do Frankie justto make sure that they stay together take a little piece of tape on the bottom.

Kinda looks like it's wearing a bowtie or like a little shirt collar there.

So we're justgonna take this piece of tape here, wrap it around the bottom and that's just going to helpto keep it together so let's glue yours put a little glue on there and you're just gonna fold that to there.

Excellent and see it doesn't matter if it's a little teenytiny bit off because it's going to go in the center and you're not going to see that anyway Now we get to do the fun part.

You want to make six of these and they can be all be the same color or you can make different colorsit's up to you so I've made three orange ones here and we have your blue one andmy other two blue ones.

We're going to add them to our flower what we're gonna do, you have your choiceand it's up to you you get to tell me what you like best.

We can make it sothat the flower is low on the stem here or we can make it so its high on the stem.

It's up to you.

What are you gonna do? I think I'm going to leave the decision to you.

do you like it like this or do you like it a little higher up? l like it a little higher up.

so you can see more of the flower.

Excellent I was going to say so you have more pencil to do your homework well yeahokay so here's what we gonna do We're gonna put a layer of glue right there and then we're gonna take this flower and we're just gonna lay it right there nextto it now just be really careful when you put your flower down.

Now we take the blue one and we're gonna go right to the point of red there were gonna go right next to it.

We're gonna line these guys right up next to each other I'm gonna let you add the next one.

You can make a whole bouquet of these.

Give one to your mom for Mother's Day.

Its gonna be a blue one.


And now an orange one.

You can make a whole bouquet of these.

Give one to your mom for Mother's Day.

Should we go with the blue or orange? Now the best part of this Frankie is that you can use for the center part here anything, like a puff ball, a button, a heart sticker.

See now we've got these.

Put it all together and now we have this beautiful flower and now wewant to hold it all together in the center with one of our puff balls so it'sup to you which one you want to use I'm gonna put a little bit of glue on this and you're gonna put in place so we're gonna do the great hand off here ok that's the safe end got it? go ahead and put that in there.

Excellent andthere we have a beautiful flower if you wanted to you can come back and put a ittle bit of tape around the bottom just to hold it together here just aroundthose little points.

If you had green duct tape you could put that around there too.

Like a stem.

You have an incredibly beautiful paper flower.

For more beautiful scented, unbelievably wonderful paper projects come and check us out at sophie-world.


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