DIY Kanzashi flowers in flowerpot (ENG Subtitles) – Speed up #304

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Today I will show youhow to make kanzashi flowers in flowerpot.

I made it by request from my viewer.

We need:.

Styrofoam, flowerpot.


Ribbons (25mm of width).

Decorative ribbon.

Styrofoam ball.



Floral wire.



And glue gun.

Cut a lot of ribbon pieces (6 cm x 25 mm).

Fold a piece of ribbon in half.

Cut off a corner.

Burn the edge.

Press it (this should glue the edges together).

Fold the edges to the center.

Burn the bottom edge and press it.

Do the same with all pieces of ribbon.

Glue the first petal to the top of styrofoam ball.

Glue second petal next to first one.

And glue another petal.

Now, second row.

Glue the petals in the same way, but around 1 cm lower.

Make more rows.

Take a few floral wires.

Wrap them by using ribbon.

Connect the stalk with the ball.

Glue green leaves to the bottom of ball.

Do another 2 flowers in the same way.

Bind the stalks together.

One flower should be higher than the others.

Wrap the stalks by using ribbon.

Glue several leaves to the stalks.

Put the flowers in styrofoam.

Improve a shape of stalks.

Hide the styrofoam by using sisal.

Glue decorative ribbon to the flowerpot.

Make a bow.

And it's done.

These flowers looks great on table or windowsill.

Also, they are perfect for a gift.

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