DIY Plastic bottle flower vase (ENG Subtitles) – Speed up #121

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Today I will show youhow to make flower vase made from plastic bottle.

We need:.

Plastic bottle.




Paper knife.

And glue gun.

Cut off a top part of the bottle.

Align the edge.

Make an incisions in the bottle(about 0.

5 cm spacings).

Fold the strips outside.

Apply the glue on the end of strip.

Glue it to the bottle.

Do the same with other strips.

Glue the ribbon to the bottle(It should hide the strips ends).

Make a few ribbon bows.

Glue them to the ribbon.

And finally, glue some beads.

And it's done.

This is very simple and cheap way to make your own decoration.

And another cool advantage: it will not break when it falls.

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