DIY Rope Vases

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Hey we are the DIY Divas.

I'm Alison and ourcreative and crafty projects are simple, super cheap and stylish.

I'm Lauren and I'm alwayssaying, "Bitch please, I could make that.

" I'm Christina and I'm always saying why goto the store when you can make it yourself.

If you're a wino like me or a poor collegestudent, of legal drinking age, you can take old bottles and make some decorative piecesfor your home! We can do this by glue gunning rope and twine, I put these on either sideof the TV and on my wall or you can put them as centerpieces or even for some candles.

First I'm wrapping the cord around the bottle, with space in between to make sure it's even,every four or five times put a layer of glue! Because it's so thick you don't need a layerevery time.

I'm going to take this medium sized vase andI'm going to take my rope and layer it up all the way to the top with the power of theglue gun! Just continually wrap it around, because it's a thicker rope, you do need toadd glue every time you wrap it or it will unravel and get loose.

Now I'm going to takea smaller vase and do a wrap around with a pop of color! But because it's such a fluorescentorange I'm keeping it to a small vase because it might be too strong and harkening to the80's, which I'm not looking to go back to.

But because it is a vase I put it on my deskand that gives my desk a great pop of color and holds supplies like pens and pencils.

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