DIY Straw flowers (ENG Subtitles) – Speed up #125

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Today I will show youhow to make flowers made from plastic straws.

We need:.

Colorful straws.


Green tissue paper.

And glue gun.

Cut the straw lengthwise.

Straighten the straw gentlyand make incisions over entire length.

Take another straw.

Apply the glue on the end.

Fold the end.

Glue the previous straw to this oneand wrap it around.

Use the glue a few times during the wrapping.

Secure the end of straw by using glue.

Cut off the excess of straw.

Shorten the stem.

Cut a narrow strip from tissue paper.

Wrap it around the stem.

Improve a shape of petals.

And it's done.

You can make a lovely small bouquet with those flowers.

Or use them to decorate something.

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