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How about an easy, beautiful and stylish wayto snazz up your house for a little holiday gathering? You know, there's just somethingabout having fresh flowers in the house.

It's one of the most beautiful ways to bring naturecloser to you.

Now, this is one of my favorite arrangements, if you want to call it an arrangement– it's like the simplest thing in the world.

You see, just three stems of flowers, theydrop right into these long test tubes that are supported by this wire structure.

Theyliterally arrange themselves.

What could be simpler? This is Alstroemeria or Peruvianlily.

This plant or flower lasts a long time as a cut flower.

So, alright, this works greatin a bedroom.

It's an easy way to have fresh flowers around you all the time.

But whatabout something a little more elaborate, something that would work beautifully in the fall andmaybe as a little bouquet for a table setting? Maybe your having a holiday party.

Let meshow you some ideas from flowers you can pick up right at the grocery store.

Come on.

So,just take a look at this — it's beautiful, isn't it? It looks like a garden itself.

Howfestive is this? I mean, it's perfect for, well, like I mentioned, like a holiday partyfor Thanksgiving or just to celebrate the fall.

Now there's quite a bit of variety here,but I just want to walk you through really how simple it is.

You see, it's about coordinatingcolors and contrasting textures.

So I'm just gonna set this aside.

We'll come back to itin just a moment.

What I've tried to do here is associate blooms and fruit and foliagewith big open flowers and little tiny ones for contrast — that's so important.

And also,you wanna make sure that it sort of hanging with a color theme.

So if you've got a colorin the room that you wanna play off of — maybe it's orange, maybe it's red if you're followingthis particular color pattern.

Or maybe it's a tablecloth you're using.

Or maybe the napkins,if you're setting a table.

Just think about it in those terms.

Okay, so what I like todo here is I like to just take flowers, like roses, to start with, and what I'll do isI'll just build this bouquet.

And I want it to look like it just came out of a garden.

So I'm just clipping these off at about the height that I need to come out of this vase.

And, you see, I love this little vase because it's basically wicker that wraps a glass jaror vessel.

And what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna make this arrangement about this tall, soI'll need to cut these down.

So this is sort of my indicator flowers so I'll know roughlywhat size I'll need these to be.

You see, they're not going to hang out any furtherthan that.

And I'll strip off some of the leaves because I don't like leaves down inthe water.

That's a no-no because what that does is it, well, it builds up bacteria inthe water, the flowers then don't last as long, and that's not very good at all.

SoI'm starting with some big floppy flowers here, then I'm I'm gonna mix it with someothers that I've already cut off at this height, you can see here.

So I'm using just some basicChrysanthemums and I'm just pulling those around like this.

Now I just kinda go round-Robinall the way around, and I mix in some Alstroemerias, like this — that Peruvian lily that we sawin the single vases earlier.

Three of those.

And then for some foliage: This Protea isbeautiful.

And look at the burgundy color here which echoes the color of the Chrysanthemum.

Having some of these color echoes is really nice.

We have two other plants to include,or, actually, three.

But one of them is a category that I think is often overlooked:And that's the use of fruit and berries.

These are Hypericum berries, and you can see theyhave a lovely soft sort of salmon color.

So I'm placing those around the sides.

And evensome rose hips — look at the colors there.

You can see how all these colors really singtogether.

Again, just keeping it tight.

You can see how I'm holding it here with my hands.

And, in fact, some of these are getting a little long on the edge — I'll just clipthose off like that.

A couple more flowers to include.

Just look at the bright, cheerfulcolor of this safflower.

And what they do is they pick up an echo — look how brightthey are.

The throats of the Alstroemeria — so if you look into this Alstroemeria here,you can see that this same really hot orange can be found there.

And these color echoesthat go on in an arrangement like this really help create a sense of harmony.

Now for someof the larger flowers.

These are just simple Asiatic lilies.

Look at the big buds on them.

I could of started with those in the center, but I chose to the start with the roses.

Ican add some more.

You see how it's all coming together here? And then just for a littlefun and to shake it up a little bit, I love these Chinese lanterns.

I'm just gonna tucksome of these in just for some height and a little irregularity, so it feels like it'scome right out of the garden.

A couple more of them here and here.

I've got a few extraroses, and there you have it.

And isn't that a beautiful and abundant bouquet? I'm justgonna trim off the bottom.

I'm gonna make sure that any of these extra leaves are pulledoff so that they don't end up in the water, like that.

And then I just hold it togethertightly like this.

I could put a rubber band around it, but in this case I'm just gonnadrop the arrangement in.

I'm just gonna be very careful so it doesn't fall apart.

Lookhow it all holds together.

Now one thing I like to do is work around the edge and makesure that any straight horizontal lines are broken.

Meaning: If I see the edge of thiscontainer, I don't really want to see that.

I want to see flowers hanging over the edgeand breaking the edge visually.

So, I have a few extras here — I can pop a rose in thathelps break it.

You see? Or even maybe one of these Alstroemerias.

Or I could pull somethingfrom the arrangement and just gently sort of pull it down with that edge is broken.

And there you have it: A beautiful holiday bouquet.

And the great thing about it is,these flowers you can pick up like at the grocery store.

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And have a great holiday.

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