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(guitar music) – Hi everyone!How's it going? Ann here and today I havesome really easy DIY projects for you guys, perfect forthis upcoming Valentines Day.

This is also a really goodDIY because you will be repurposing, upcycling,instead of going out and buying a new thing.

I promised myself thisyear that I am not going to buy unless I really have to.

I'm going to upcycle as much as I can and repurpose as much as I can.

That's what I have been doinga lot with my DIY projects, so that's what I love about today's DIY and I think you guyswill love it too because it's super, super easy.

Let me tell you that.

So let's go ahead and get started! Alright guys, so for materialsyou will need some old vases or containers, craft paper,or maybe some left over fabric from previous projects.

The first step for this is tomeasure out the measurement that you will need towrap around your vase.

Cut out all the excesspaper you don't need and then add some hot glue onto your vase and wrap your paper around it.

MY craft paper doesn'twrap fully around the vase but that's okay because I'm just showing one side of the vase, and Ican also remove this paper later on and repurpose myvase into something else.

You can also do thiswith upholstery fabric or materials that youmay already have at home.

This is an unconventionalway of decorating, you're adding textureand you're just adding a new element in to your space.

I love this idea.

Do you guys remembermy perfume box set DIY? This is almost similar likeit, except you can put it on a pretty vase.

All you will need to do isprint out the Chanel template, it is on my blog which islinked below this video or if you like you can alsosign up for my email list and I will send it directly to you.

Once you print out your Chanel template you will need to trace a square around it and then cut it out.

Next you can use craft glue,I like to use my hot glue gun to make this not so permanent.

I added the glue onto the corners and then I stick it on to my vase.

This turned out absolutely beautiful, I made it into a brush holderand I also placed the vase on my vanity, which looks gorgeous.

What do you guys think? This next DIY is perfectif you are obsessed with the marble trend.

I did a marble desk DIYand I have some of this vinyl left over so I'm goingto use this for my vase.

You will need to startwith a vase or container that has an easy shapeto work around with, something that is flatand even on all four sides or a cylinder shape.

Once you have the measurement you need to wrap around yourvase, cut out your vinyl.

Before you peel out yourvinyl, just peel out about three to four inches at a time and place that onto thesurface of your vase.

Now, with a plasticcard, you want to press the vinyl down onto the surface three to four inches at a time until you finish wrappingthe vinyl around your vase.

This will prevent air bubblesand it will help your vinyl stick to your surface.

Just like I promised, theseDIYs are so simple to make and you can use theseto decorate your space for this upcoming spring time, or as a Valentine's giftfor somebody special.

Alright guys, that is it for today.

Thank you so much for watching.

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