Fiori in pasta di zucchero: Azalea by ItalianCakes

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Welcome to ItalianCakes.

In thisvideo we show you how we made an azalea in sugar paste.

We Have spread sugar paste (cmc added) in a very thin.

With a stencil for petals we have engraved 5 petals.

Then with veiner we have imprinted the petals, using a sponge for flowers.

With ball tool we thinned the edges of eachpetal.

As you can see we have always used the sponge.

Then we took the florist pistils.

As you see the pistil largest remains longer than the other.

Then we use white florist tape to merge with each other the pistils andadd them to the florist wire which we will use as a support.

We create a little ball in sugar paste which will serve to join the petals between them.

Brush on the florist tape with edible glue and we are going to put the ball.

Now, overlapping petals, always pasting with edible glue.

We made a cone in foil which will serve as a support for drying the flower.

So this flower will be dried up.

Drying times 24/48 hours.

Settle the petals.

Now prepare the fifth petal, whichis processed the same way as other and are included these points with a marker food.

Then we insert using the small ball tool to adhere petal to the base of our flower.

And here is our azalea is ready.

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