[Flaming June] Maeda Jun x yanagi nagi [Flower Garden] -romaji and English-

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When you're looking at colorful picture books You look just like an innocent little girl But when it comes to work, you smile bewitchingly Once you took your food, you silently shed your clothes In this world where everything is distorted Only you alone appear so beautiful to me If only I could take you outside by any means I would take you to walk with me and that alone would be enough But you are so fragile You can't take the air outside Once, out of the blue, you told me that you want to see real flowers But there's no such thing anywhere up in the surface, it's just like a dream One day, it was raining hard You believed that even all the bad dust and dirt would've been washed away Holding onto that hope, you climbed the long stairs to the surface and opened the door I tried to stop you, after all the world wouldn't simply return back to how it was You fell collapsed and I immediately took you to your bed in my arms I keep praying by your side as you sleep, while making artificial flowers Even now, you're still sleeping on the flower garden God, if you do exist, please wake her up.

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