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You know, fresh flowers can bring a room tolife as well as a table, particularly if you're having a little dinner party.

What I'm doinghere is I'm not only using fresh flowers, but I'm going to use fresh fruit to make avery unique arrangement.

Now, these are some beautiful lilies, with a bright and happycolor yellow.

And then, I'm going to integrate some of these hydrangeas.

But then, the realkicker will be these stems of blueberries that I just cut off some blueberries out inmy garden.

And you may go: "Well, I don't have any blueberries! I don't have room togrow them.

" I'm actually growing blueberries in containers, and I just cut off these stems.

And I just wanna show you how beautiful they can be, both in the arrangement and in thewater for the arrangement.

What I have here are about 2 cups of blueberries, and justdump those in, and then I'm gonna add the water for my arrangement.

So, look at theblue color in that.

Just hold it up to the light–it's really gorgeous.

Then, what I'vedone is I've sort of precut these stems.

And what I'm doing is I'm integrating five stemsof the yellow lily, four stems of the hydrangea, and then I'm gonna take these stems of blueberriesand work them in, just like this.

And what I want you to notice is this sort of colorecho going on–you have these blueberries, which aren't ripe, they're sorta chartreusein color, and they work so beautifully with these hydrangeas.

And then, you're gonna getthe color echo of the blue, here, on the stems, and the blueberries in the vase.

And thenyou just ease the bouquet in here.

What you want to do is you don't want to mash the berries.

You just want the stems to gently fall in there, like that.

And then, you do just alittle bit of adjusting.

And now, you have a beautiful centerpiece.

So see, arrangingflowers and fruit together can really create a beautiful and unique arrangement.

And, youknow, blueberries are easy to grow.

You wanna make sure you have two different varietiesfor pollination and this kind of fruit set.

Just look at all those gorgeous berries.

Andhere's the only sad thing about it–is that when you cut these blueberries, you oftenget some that aren't ripened, and you can't eat them.

But hey, when you're growing yourown blueberries, you'll have tons to use to eat and give to friends and use them in flowerarrangements as well.

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