Flower & Plant Garden Care : Care for Daffodil Bulbs

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen, from vanveenbulbs.


In this segment, we're going to learn all about how to take care of daffodil bulbs.

Now, daffodils come in all different types of colors and shapes, and this is one of myfavorites.

It's called Tahiti.

I just love the orange and the yellow, just beautifulcolors.

This one is called Mount Hood.

It's a beautiful white daffodil.

They come in somany different shapes and sizes.

Daffodils are one of my favorite plants, and they'reone of my easiest bulbs to take care of, in the fact, they don't need a lot of care atall.

They look just like a Hershey's Kiss candy, so they're really easy to tell whichway is up, and so the top of the kiss goes up, and I usually plant them about three inchesdeep in sun, or part shade.

You don't want them too deep, or you don't want them to beright on the surface, either.

You want them to be able to stay a little bit moist, overthe summertime.

I like to do groups of three or more in a triangle, like I said, aboutthree inches deep, and in cold climates, you should leave them in the ground year round.

They like to be in containers, or the ground.

In the ground, I just leave them in an area,and I don't really water it, once it starts raining in the fall, and leave it dry in betweentoo.

Don't keep it too wet, because they will rot out, and that's why you see them in meadowssometimes, in old farmhouses, because they've been there for a hundred years.

They've neverbeen watered, and they'll come back from year to year to year, with little care.

Whereasif you put them in a container, you put three, five.

I just pack my containers.

In a container,still cover them about two or three inches deep, and make sure that they don't stay toowet, at any one time.

The key is keep them really, really wet, and then really dry themout, and even over the summer, when they're not growing, and they've gone dormant, don'tget them too dry, so mix them up with other bulbs that bloom in other times, so if youput some potted, or even in your garden, if you've got some daffodils, always make sure,and put some lilies, and calalilies, and fall blooming crocus, or anything else with them,so you have color there, from spring through the fall, so daffodils are easy to take careof, and they will multiply, so at a certain point, they get really crowded, then you mightwant to divide them out, so just dig them up, and every little piece, you can breakapart.

Like these are still connected, so at one point, they would kind of divide off,and then at that point, you can separate them, but I usually don't divide them until they'rebig enough, and as big as the mother plant, so they're very easy to grow, and plant themback as soon as you can, once you divide them,and if you do want to store them, you don't haveto, or if you want to, and you're not ready to plant them, you could put them in containers,or we just keep them in baskets, like this, or in black crates with air, or shoe boxes,or in with sawdust, anything, so that they don't stay too wet, or too dry.

Daffodilsare so easy to take care of.

They really don't need any care at all, and they're one of thehighlights in my garden.

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