Flower & Plant Garden Care : How to Design Your Dream Garden

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen from vanveenbulbs.

Comand we're going to learn all about how to design our dream garden, how you can designyour dream garden.

Now, we all dream of nice Summer days, like today, where we can sitout in our garden and enjoy all the beautiful colors, and smells, and animals, and birds,and butterflies, and hummingbirds in our garden and that, to me, is my dream garden.

A gardenis a reflection of you and it's your personality so I say, dreaming about your garden, or creatinga dream garden, is like creating a dream party because so much of our garden is actuallyour outdoor living space.

So, when you start thinking about what you want in your garden,or if you have a new property, or even a little small patio, there's so much you can do withit.

You need to consider a lot of different factors when you're designing your garden.

Do you need an area for your dog, does your dog need an area to play, is there beds hecan get into, do you have small children, are they going to get into the beds, do youwant to leave an area for them to play, do you want to leave some grass or do you justwant colors and flower beds, do you want a water feature and water plants? And, mostimportantly, you need an area to enjoy your garden so just by having a little seatingarea, or a little deck, or a little wooden spot, or a little archway, or someplace whereyou can really enjoy the garden, then it's really important.

So, when designing yourdream garden, you've got to figure out, do you have a lot of sun or do you have a lotof shade, do you need sun plants or shade plants, are you really a minimalist and youjust want a certain amount of plants, you don't want the big crowded garden look becauseit is your garden, it is your decisions.

You've got to decide if you want a lot of gardenart and I love different types of statue's and I think they're really pretty in the gardenso you want them to be highlighted too.

Always follow the eighty twenty rule when you havea flower bed.

I've found that if you have one feature, whether it's the tree or waterfountain or a statue, always make sure that it's on the eighty twenty level, or line,of your bed.

So, not right in the middle, not in one corner, always have it near thetrees or I'd have it somewhere where it's going to be eighty twenty in that row.

Themost important part of designing your dream garden is picking out the plants.

So, onceyou've decided whether it's going to be a center, or shade garden, or a large, or asmall garden, or a minimal garden, then you now can go search for plants so make surethat you get plants that bloom in the Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring so even if you don'thave blooms in the Winter, make sure you have shrubs and grasses and other plants that aregoing to give you some kind of feature in the Winter.

There's so much information onthe Internet too, so ask everybody that you can for help and a lot of different plantvendors at your local farmers market or at the local garden center can give you lotsof ideas.

There's all different types of CD ROM programs too that can help you designahead of time.

So, you can design your garden to every little inch and you can have a gridwith little squares or you can just have a garden party and just add plants and you canmove them around later.

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