Flowers for Shade Gardens : White Calla Lily Flowers for Shade Gardens

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One of the most traditional plants for theshade is the White Calla Lily.

It's been around for centuries.

They are native to South Africa,but they have been traded all over the world.

Everybody has seen the movie Rebecca wherethe Calla Lilies are in bloom and they are just a gorgeous plant.

The bulbs themselves,just look like a little rock, but they actually grow.

So, there's a bulls-eye or little spoutside, that goes up, but when in doubt, go sideways because every little part will grow.

And, another easy way to make sure you have a good bulb is actually to scrap way the side,and you will see that it looks like a potato.

If it looks like a potato, it's still a goobulb.

So, I've been amazed, I've seen them, the worst bulbs still grow.

So, even littlepieces, only one little cell is needed to regenerate.

So, you only need a little bitto give you a lot.

White Calla Lilies take a little bit to become established.

They haveto be root bound.

They have to have mounds of roots to bloom.

So, when you plant them,give them a little bit of time or, my trick is put, actually, like three or four almosttouching when you start.

They like to be crowded to bloom.

So, but them together, crowded tostart and you'll get blooms quicker.

The White Calla Lily blooms every year in May and Juneand the blooms last one to two months.

They are just incredibly beautiful and they multiplyquickly and they are just a gorgeous shade plant that does well under trees or greatin a Moon Garden to get that white color; a gorgeous addition to your garden.

so, ifyou don't have any other plants in your garden, make sure you have the White Calla Lily becauseit will bring lots memories of your childhood back.

Next, we'll talk about a gorgeous plantfor the shade, it's sold as a sun plant but it'll grow in the shade just as well and thatcalled the Eucomis, or Pineapple Lily.

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