Foam Flower Crafts for Kids : Cutting Leaves for Lily Flower Crafts

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Now I'm going to show you how to make a lily.

What we'll need is some Fun Foam.

I'm going to make you white lilies, we have white FunFoam- one skewer, a yellow pipe cleaner and little brown for the center, and five whitepipe cleaners, a nice thick craft glue that dries clear, and the floral tape.

For thelily, you want to cut a nice, long skinny petal, this shape with a point on the top.

You can always adjust your cuts later if you want to trim it out.

You want to cut likethis.

You can use that again for a pattern because you want to cut five petals, all thesame size.

You can also, the Fun Foam is so easy to cut that you can fold it in half andcut two at a time.

You can even cut four at a time.

Two is probably a little bit easier,four is a little more difficult because as you get thicker it's a little bit hard.

Butif you're cutting a lot of flowers at once, cutting, folding the Fun Foam and cuttingit several at a time makes it go a lot quicker.

When you have your five leaves cut out, justlike we made the leaves, you want to put a nice, thick bead of craft glue down the centerof each petal, and then we'll just lay a pipe cleaner right on that bead of glue from thetip to the end, and leave this end piece hanging.

We let that dry overnight, because you wantthat to dry really well.

The pipe cleaner will then help us bend and shape the leaveswhen we put our flower together.

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