Gardening Tips : Flowers for a Hummingbird Garden

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Hello, this is Yolanda Vanveen from vanveenbulbs.


And in this segment we're going to learn about flowers for a hummingbird garden.

How to growa hummingbird garden and what kind of flowers should we select for a hummingbird garden?The first thing to consider when we're planting bulbs for a hummingbird garden, or plantingany kind of flowers, is what is going to attract a hummingbird.

What types of flowers attracthummingbirds? I'd used to think it was only red flowers, but as I've watched them overthe years, I'd learned it's not really the color of the flowers, it's the shape.

Theylove anything that is a trumpet shape.

So any flower where they can stick their beakinto the flower, to grab the pollen, and come back out, they've seemed to love it.

So whetherit's yellow or red or purple, it doesn't matter, they love all the colors; it's the shape.

So pretty much anything that's trumpet-shaped, they've love.

So this a Crocosmia George Davidsonand they've seemed to love all my Crocosmias, whether the Oranges or the red Lucifer, theylove all of them.

They also love unusual plants.

This is a Galtonia from South Africa and it'sa, in the hyacinth family; they say it's kind of an elongated hyacinth but it has littlebell flowers and I've noticed my hummingbirds love it too.

It's almost like a fuschia; hummingbirdslove fuschias too.

They just come right into there and they'll get the pollen out.

So thisis a great plant for hummingbirds and there's a lot of other vines and plants that you don'teven think about that hummingbirds would like but they love.

This is my Mandevilla, or Mandeviaor Mandeville, there's so many different ways that people pronounce this, but the hummingbirdsjust love it and again it's trumpet-shaped and it's red, they especially seem to likethe reds the best of all the colors.

But, again, they go in and get the pollen out andit works really well and it's a beautiful vine plant that can be grown pretty much anywhereand I just protect it in the winter and it will come back every year even in cold climates.

And this is also a beautiful plant; it's called a Peacock Orchid or Acidanthrea or now officiallyit's Gladiolus Murielae, so it's a beautiful plant that's very fragrant, smells sort oflike Kool-aid, I just love it and it's white with burgundy stripes but my hummingbirdslove it too.

It's got a really nice funnel; they've seemed to like anything that's a longfunnel; it's one of their favorite plants.

Agapanthus or Lily of the Nile, they comein whites and purples and blues; the hummingbirds love this plant too; they love to get theirlittle beak into the middle of them.

So again, it's a trumpet shape and they'll just hangout in my Agapanthus or Lily of the Nile for hours, they love it.

And when consideringwhat kind of flowers to grow for your hummingbirds, consider also what kind of trees to grow forthem Because you can have flowers alone but if there's no trees or bushes for them tomake their nest, there's no where for them to live.

So plants like eucalyptus or maplesor vines or trees or shrubs of pretty much any kind, are great for hummingbirds.

So neverforget to give them a home too.

So having a hummingbird garden is really easy.

You cancollect a lot of your favorite plants and there's so many more you can decide from;put them in your garden and you'll find that the hummingbirds will come to your gardenevery year, more and more and you can enjoy their company for years to come.

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