Gardening Tips : How to Dry Hydrangea Flowers

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen from vanveenbulbs.


Next we're going to learn all about how to dry hydrangeas.

We have these beautiful plantsin our yards and they bloom and then the blooms start to fade and we want to save them becausethey're so beautiful.

And they're so beautiful in Fall arrangements as well.

So let's learnhow to save our hydrangea and how to cut hydrangea and how to dry hydrangea.

Okay so these hydrangeasare pretty much done blooming and they've already lost a lot of their color.

It's almostbetter to cut them when they're more at the color stage.

So like this one is still prettypink so it's beautiful.

It's that gorgeous pink color.

So I'm really not going to doanything to that except I'm going to put it in a paper bag and that way it'll dry andit'll probably keep a lot of its color.

But even the hydrangeas that have lost their colorand they don't have a lot of color to them, but they still look pretty good.

So I'll justcut it.

And there's a lot of things that you can do to actually make them last longer whenthey are dried and to spruce them up a bit to make them a little more exciting for yourFall bouquets.

Because even a couple of these dried in a little vase, or put it in witha wreath or with some dried roses, they're just gorgeous and they last so long as a driedflowers.

I just love them.

A trick that I've found that you can do to make them last evenlonger is when they're done drying or even as soon as you cut them before they dry, Ifind is a really good time, I use any kind of a hair gel or a hair spritzer.

Not anythingthat is aerosol, but any kind of thing, a pump, and then I'll just pump it.

And youcan pretty much do it with anything.

This is actually body mist, but it's got a lotof alcohol in it and I found a lot of kind of a shiny gel to it too.

So pretty much anything.

And what happens is it keeps it from falling apart.

So a lot of times hair spritzer worksreally well or hair gel or anything that you can spray on it.

But look it right there justthat gloss makes everything look a little better.

And before I'm even drying it I'mdoing this.

You can do it when it's dry too.

And then I love body sparkles and I love anykind of sparkles.

And I love it on my flowers too.

Especially my dried flowers.

So theseare actually just body sparkles, and I've put them in a little bowl.

And so what I'mdoing is I'm just going to take my little hydrangea, I'm going to mix it around in there,and once it's done it'll dry and it'll be covered with sparkles.

So when I put thateven in a Christmas wreath or my Thanksgiving wreath or even like I said with some dry roses,it just makes it look good for a lot longer.

And the best part is you don't always seethe sparkles, but when the sun just comes in in a certain angle or at night when youturn a candle on, it just sparkles a little more and it just makes it more beautiful andit seems to last longer.

So it's an easy way that you can get your hydrangeas to dry andlast a lot longer.

So once I spray them and I put some sparkles on them, you don't evenhave to do that.

You can just throw them right into a paper bag as I did with the pink one.

I just throw it right into a paper bag.

And I don't pretty much do anything to it.

I justleave it.

And I might check on it once or twice a week.

Maybe move them around.

Makesure they're not touching each other.

Another easy way to dry them is just put like on acardboard box or in a cardboard box.

And I just check on them here and there.

But againnotice, just this pink one by itself it's gorgeous.

It's a really pretty hydrangea.

But if I spray just a little bit of spray on it, it just seems to shine and I know it'lllast longer and keep its color better.

So in about a month or two I can check, keepchecking on them or use them whenever I want or I can even leave them fresh and put theminto arrangements and let them dry as they are.

There's really no wrong way to dry hydrangeasas long as they don't stay too wet, so they won't dry if they're wet, they'll pretty muchdo really well.

And you don't want to smash them, you want to try to give them their shape.

So you want to make sure that they're standing up straight.

But they're just a beautiful,beautiful fresh plant and dry plant and a plant that you can enjoy for many, many years.

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