Glass Engraving for The Beginner – Flower Vase Tutorial

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welcome back to glass engraving forbeginners my name is Javier in this tutorial we're gonna try to create aflower vase.

What we have here is a Google image that I have researched, I have brought up.

I have put it on my Chromebook– or you can do your laptop or your PC– and we'regonna try to put it into this glass, pot, vase, vace– whatever you want tocall it.

What I'm doing here now is on mycomputer I am going to press Ctrl and a minus sign or control and plus sign inorder to either zoom in or zoom out the image so that if I want it big I can make itbigger.

If I want it smaller, I can make it smaller and the reason for doing this is to makesure that this image is going to fit into the piece of glass that we have andyou'll see why in a little bit here that is important.

So I got a smaller– let's see, let's check check right here it's just just within the glass so let's kinda do controlminus and then you can do this I'm using Chrome.

you can also do this inInternet Explorer I think it's also control minus and Ctrl + to zoom in zoomout and Firefox I think it's the same thing you might have to do a little bit of research onthat but it's should be about the same right here now I'm gonna make my screenas bright as it can go and basically what we're doing here is —the end result—the reason I'm making it brighter is because I am going to take a piece ofpaper, what you see here, and I want to trace it so I'm gonna place the piece ofpaper right on top of my monitor and I'm gonna take a pencil and I'm gonna tracethe image right from my monitor to the paper with a pencil.

The reason for doingthis.

here I have turned the lights off and I have sped up the video so that youdon't have to see me take a long time tracing but turning the light off andthe video screen the screen to the highest and then tracing makes it really easy tosee the lines I'm tracing on paper– some of you might be asking ok why didn't hejust print it on a printer, everybody's got printers nowadays I like doing thisbecause it gives me a chance to practice the lines before actually getting to theactual glass engraving part so you see kind of plan out what you gonna do whatthe actual image is doing what could possibly come up later during the glassengraving process this is also easy doing it right on your monitor you canjust turn the light off and on to see what you're doing see if it's to your liking so as you cansee it's done there's the glass that's how big it's going to be and now we'regoing to go ahead and make sure that it fits inside the glass so I've already tapedthat up you can see some of those videos on my previous videos how I keep theminside the glass I like doing that just taping them in there.

I'm tracing with my finepoint marker the image right onto my glass just a Sharpie fine point andagain this also gives you practice as far as what the images doing, how the linesgo, where the shading is at this is all all of this can be erased can be redone soyou're not yet– you're to the point still as of now where you can mess up, youcould just wash this off you could do another image if this image if you pick an image you're like–you know– "I don't like it" "I don't like it too much" "I'm not liking it" then you canstill at this point wash it off because you haven't done any actual engraving tothe glass itself so I like this process for me here I have my dremel tool I haveput a fine point diamond bur on it and now I'm gonna go ahead and engrave theoutline all the outlines just as as I did with a marker and as I did with the pen I'm gonna engrave the whole thing all the outlinesthe outside outline with this fine point diamond, bit, burr you can see here just taking it nice andslow here soon I'm gonna speed it up a little bit because I don't want to bore you guysAnd here-here it's sped up but basically the whole image- non-shaded areas is going to be engraved with this fine point diamond bit almostlike you were doing with–just treat it as if it was the fine point sharpie markerok just don't do the outlines and you'll see once again to the other bits why youdon't really wanna I mean don't do the shading– I think I messed up there –butdon't do the shading — just just the lines here is the end result of thathere I have engraved all the outlines none of the shading.

I'll take that away and show you what theoutlines look like for some of you that are beginners maybe this is your veryfirst project you could stop here I'll show you what that looks like after I take thispiece of paper out and then go ahead and clean it with this sponge take out allthe Sharpie just go ahead and clean sharpie off so the next step that we'regoing to take here is I'm gonna take a small round diamond tipped bur and I'mgonna engrave the outlines that are closest to my light source if you'rewatching this video my light source my actual desk lamp that I have is at the top left so theLines Closest to that is what I'm gonna use in order to go through and engraved withthis small round spherical diamond tip bur basically what you're doing hereis you are outlining– your highlighting– the lines that are closest to the lightsource because just as if you were looking at something with the Sun thethings close to the Sun are going to be lighter and the things further away are–you know– that are in the shade you don't want to highlight those so the other side of that stalk rightthere is not going to be highlighted the top of that leaf will be highlightedthis round top of this leaf is going to be highlighted so I'm gonna go ahead andengrave that part as well what you're doing is just highlighting with this bit.

And you don't need to get too detailed to technical about it imean you know especially in this part of this process go ahead and take your– go ahead and clear your glass to take a look — thisnext bit is just a greystone bit that usually comes with the dremel itselfthey're really very common and this is the next part of the shading so we didthe highlights the really very bright highlights with the diamond spherical bur now I'm gonna go ahead and do the nextstep of highlights down so a little bit darker with this bit and I'm gonna dothe inside of the flower here very light touch to the glass you don't need toreally dig in there and get a whole bunch of meat out of the class just verylight touch and go ahead and go inside the flower almost as if you're coloring using crayons you gonna go inyou can also see that I finally in this step I'm using water to wet the glassthat way it's smooth and also gives it better shading coloring I supposebecause it's smoother not like the diamond bits I would I was doing that dry because I want that to stand out Iwant that kind of rough but this part the shading I wanted to be a little bitsmooth and eventually is going to be a gradient from light to shade- if that makessense so here we're just gonna go ahead andshade the area I'm gonna let you watch what it is and I'm doing but basically it'sagain you're- you're going to engrave with this tool the next step of highlights sothis is a round tulip so the very — to make it a 3d effect– you're not going tohighlight the whole thing it would look flat so only here you see I'mhighlighting and leaving some areas untouched because it's going to be darkthat's going to be how you get your shading we sped up and again you seethat I'm only doing one side of the stalk one side of the leaves one side ofthe tulips I think most of you can kind ofunderstand what it is that I'm doing now where you go from highlight the nextstep down from that highlight and then we're gonna go in next step down nextstep down here that that rounded leaf right there that's gonna get cheated inso is this part of the rules to lip sorry we're not roses Ispecifically chose tulips because of the wife likes tulips and in this casethey're actually much easier to do so it helps us out but eventually we're goingto put flowers flowers in here to fix which by the way I do know that mother'sDay is coming up and this is going to make a great gift I'm just putting thatout there are people that when I get a really big hug from mom a good gift okso you see what that looked like after that for a bit as far as winning theglass you can see here I guess he's my my finger I wear my finger I get somewater onto the glass not a lot and you know that's really all the water theyneed some videos you will see they use drip drip system I really need it justuse my fingers much more tactile that way you can see what you're doing youcan feel what you're doing with your fingers wedding every so often incleaning off last but again I'm still using you can seehere I am still using that same greystone burger to go ahead and go overthe areas in kind of smooth them up that way they're not not as rough that waythey won't pick up the high as much highlight as the other vehicle diamondbur gonna cleaner little bit just with our hands thing about the hands cleaningis you're not leaving any scratches using your skin so you don't need to gocrazy with your towels things like that at the very end you gonna need some butnot right here seeing the process the progress ok sothis next next step will use the white Arkansas stone Arkansas Arkansas thinkthat's what it is this is going to be the next step downso the next step down and highlights I'm gonna go ahead and use this arkansas sothis party is gonna go ahead and she did in and please excuse my light rain herea little bit in the way of the camera I do have a headlamp this is what you seeright here at the top of the video is just nice to see what you're doing itgives it a little bit more like the desk lamp is honestly it's good enough I justhad the headlamp on top just see what I'mdoing a little bit better but the toddler is really not needed I don'tthink as long as you have a really good desk lamp and you can get it close asyou can see I'm just going right around and I'm doing the very next step of thesheathing so one step down so now this is keeping track out there where did thefine point diamond the spherical document then we did greatstone per now we're doing the arkansas white house for its four so far afterwe're finished with this one we're going to have the last one the last one forthis particular project some prices and have more but this one I don't feel thatwe need a whole bunch keeping it simple because again we're doing this forbeginners those just starting out for perfectly fine changes get individual ones online fairly cheapyou can get going very very economical get gone which is for those for that Ijust set up actually five cuz we're gonna have the the fifth one after thisone so as you can see it's coming along again this could be another stoppingpoint I mean you know if you're fine with that but this one is going tofinally achieve the very last greed grayscale the dark dark dark arias buttechnically where there is none engraved that's the very darkest so thisis the next-to-last so I'm gonna go ahead and take this this is a smoothingover its not very fine this came with a packet i buy on Amazon I don't think thepacket was that might say I want to mention in one of my other videos i wantto sale is like $15 but as you can see you go right over what you are readyengraved with the white Arkansas stone and now it's making it darker it makesit darker than the arkansas but obviously not as dark as just noengraving at all so that's how you get that cheating ifyou wanted to use an even finer than this one which again that fact that Ibought from Amazon has final ones then you would do the same process you willget to find her one and you would go a shade thats darker than this but betweenthat and nothing at all so that's how you start creating 3d effects for thisparticular one for this particular project project I'm only gonna I'm gonnastop at this one as it is this video game kind of on the long winded side butI wanted to show you a project from the very very beginning having your imagetracing it with pencil going over the glass and then going through the wholeprocess I felt like that was a video that was needed for the beginner and here it is we're stopping here with this particularproject you like I said you can keep going if you have more tips for verseyou can use that an experiment thanks for watching.

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