How to make a beautiful flower of a tissue/ Hoe maak je een prachtige bloem van een papieren zakdoek

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The flower Hey everyone, my name is Origameisuuuu! Today I will learn you how to make a flower out of a tissue.

It's very easy and a very beautiful decoration for Christyear.

hooh Christyear? Christmas and Newyear, so keep watching! Supplies A tissue with layers of paper Scotch tape A pair of scissors A rope A straw Take a half tissue Fold upwards to downwards Tape the straw in the middle of the tissue Fold the tissue back like it was before Make a dot in the middle of the tissue with the rope Make the tissue opened Pull all the layers open Do the same thing at the other side Give your flower the right form Use: As table decoration As present Would you mary me please? Ooh of course I want to mary you Thank you Bye, thank you, we will mary! Okay? Bye! Bye guys, I hope you enjoyed I hope your family will be happy with the flowers! And if you liked, leave a like! For more, subscribe and watch my other videos Bye!! See you next time! Make it because it's very nice to dress Bye!.

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