How to make a flower vase

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To make this vase you need: cardboard, pen, ruler, scissors, glue, pins,newspaper, paintbrush, colors and paper tubes.

To make these tubes dividea sheet of newspaper in 4 parts and roll using a thin needle.

Paint these to get colored tubes.

From a cardboard cut2 squares of side 6 cm.

Paste one tube each at 3 corners and two tubes at the fourth corner.

Paste the other piece of cardboard above this.

Use pins to keep it in place until it dries.

Cut a bigger square from newspaperand cut the corners.

Paste this using glue.

Cut another square and paste above this.

Paint it and let it dry.

At one of the cornerswe have an extra tube.

Bend it along the edge.

Then bend the next onealong the edge and so on.

If these tubes intersect in the centrethen the width remains constant.

If they intersect below thisthen the width decreases.

If they intersect above thisthen the width increases.

We want the width to increase sointersection point should be above centre.

Now we will reduce the width sointersection point should be below centre.

Now we want constant width sointersection point should be in the centre.

Apply glue for the last row.

Insert this last tubebelow the tube in front.

Apply glue and cutextra length of tubes.

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