How to make a flower vase

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To make this vase you need: a plastic bottle, a thin cardboard,thread, scissors, knife, glue, newspaper pieces, paintbrush, colors,ruler, pencil and newspaper tubes.

To make these tubes dividea sheet of newspaper in 4 parts and roll using a thin needle.

Cut the bottom part of the bottle.

It is about 6 cm.

Now measure the circumferenceof the bottle using a thread.

Here it is 20 cm.

Take a thin cardboard.

Measure 22 cm lengthwise.

We have taken 2 cm extra.

Mark 10 cm from one sideand 25 cm from other.

Now join these 2 points and cut this.

Apply glue to the bottleand paste this cardboard around.

Cut a circle for the base.

We seal the bottom using newspaper.

Use a mixture of glue and water mixed in equalproportion to cover the base with newspaper pieces.

Cut a tube 15 cm in length.

Paste it on the vase.

Cut another tube from one side.

Paste it along the previous one.

On the upper side, cut at about0.

5 cm more than the previous one.

Similarly paste tubes all around the vase.

Apply a mixture of glue and water.

And then paint it.

Source: Youtube