How to Make a Wedding Flower Arrangement : How to Add Flowers to Floral Foam

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Now it's time to put our cymbidium stringinto our container.

A good weight brings the orchids all the way to the bottom.

You justwant to put the wire to the back for now.

The next thing we're going to be doing isputting our oasis cup on top.

I like to use flax to cover the green part here.

Flax isvery easy to use, just press down the middle and flatten it out a little; it's very flexible.

Give it a nice fresh cut, and you just wrap it around , like so.

Try to make sure youget the whole thing covered.

You just go around a couple of times.

This will also secure itto the opening of the container.

Just play around with it a little bit to make sure it all goes in.

It does have that bone in the middle of it,so it can be a little something to work with.

Just push it down, and if this part comesout just cut it off.

Actually, it didn't quite work.

It takes a couple tries.

Push it on down; it doesn't necessarily haveto go all the way down, just down like that.

It's not going to go anywhere.

Next I'll beshowing you the greenery which we're going to be using to cover the oasis cup.

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