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Maize is monoecious plant i.

E the sexes are partitioned into separate pistillate(ear) and staminate(tassel) inflorescences this is pistillate inflorescence or female flower this is staminate inflorescence or Male flower which form large spreading terminal panicles pollen is shed from the tassel and is viable for approximately 10-30 minutes and rapidly dessicated in the air female and male flowers 1-2 auxillary buds present in the leaf axils and transformed and form a long COB On cobs the flowers will be borne from each flower a style begins to elongate towards the tip of the cob in preparation for fertilization these styles form long threads known as SILKS.

the base of the silk is unique, as it elongates continuously until fertilization occurs.

styles may reach a length of 30 cms, the longest known in the plant kingdom silk at early stages early green in some genotypes and turns red later on.

in some genotypes it is an inherent character stigma is receptive throughout its length and bears stigmatic hairs to receive pollen grains styles may reach a length of 30 cms.

Longest known in the plant kingdom the tassel is formed by a many ranked central(uppermost) spike and several two ranked lateral branches arranged in an usually loose panicle.

the flowers are organized into paired spikelets, one is being pedicillate and other sessile pedicillate spikelets and sessile spikelets are present.

in each spikelet two functional florets, each floret contains 3 anthers, each anther produces about 2500 pollengrains.

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