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HOST: Welcome back.

Well times being whatthey are, it's prudent that we get every mile out of every dollar we put into our business.

We're here with CO2 Technologies which is going to help us do that.

They make flowers,fresher, longer.

Now I'm here with Wes Boldt, president.

Wes we are so impressed with yourtechnology, and this is really going to increase the bottom line of any florist, wholesaler,or retailer.

Tell us a little about your company.

CO2: Well the company; we founded this company8 years ago and it all centers around, really, taking more of mother nature, a natural, thegases in the atmosphere, CO2 is one of them.

And CO2 is the only antimicrobial gas in theatmosphere.

It's also the heaviest one, which is a benefit and it also is a refrigerant.

So the combination of those three things do wind up giving you longer vase life.

And,you know, we got into this because the floral industry, I mean flowers are bought with discretionaryincome.

Host: RightCO2: So if you take them home and they last 2 days, are you coming back? Probably not.

So we simply said, we can increase vase life for the floral industry and we do it.

Andwe do it very simply with just using mother nature, basically.

HOST: Wes, without giving any a corporate secrets away.

Tell us how some of this technologyworks, because I think it�s going to interest people and, WOW the lights going to go on,they're going to say we really need this.

CO2: Well, CO2 first of all, being the heaviestgas in the atmosphere, It looks for equilibrium between air and water.

So when we put moremolecules of CO2 in a holding cooler, for the florist, it immediately is going to gointo the water in the buckets and vases.

Once it does that, it's antimicrobial so it stopsbacteria growth.

Flowers will die when they lose 10% of their weight.

Which is just throughrespiration.

You can't stop that process.

HOST: RightCO2: So what you do is keep the stem clean, free of bacteria, and it just drinks morewater and the longer you can keep it drinking, the longer it is going to live.

Simple science.

HOST: It's going to drink more, and that water is actually going to be cleaner.

CO2: It's going to be cleaner.

It's going to be clearer.

What they will find is it staysclear.

And the other thing that we find, if they have mold in coolers, which is commonin older ones, it disappears.

It cleans that up.

And then the other, ethylene, which isa natural hormone in the atmosphere.

Flowers need that while they're growing.

But onceyou harvest it, that ethylene still wants to play it's game.

And it's the secondlightest gas in the atmosphere, so when we blanket that cooler with heavier gas we simplydrive the ethylene to the top of the cooler and it vents out.

So, they've been buyingethylene absorbers and scrubbers and you can stop that, I mean it's just, let mothernature take care of it instead of buying chemicals to do something that you really don't needto do.

HOST: So it does away with that as well, andthen it's actually going to make the a refrigerator that's keeping that compartment cooler,work a little more efficient and maybe not work as hard.

CO2: No actually, we kind of, and we don't go out and make this part of our claim butwe probably, what we reduce in energy cost probably pays for our product frankly.

Becauseevery molecule of CO2 that we put in that atmosphere, it absorbs 6x its weight in heatwhich helps the compressor do its job.

So it's, respiration is heat so if you loada cooler with flowers, you get a lot of heat and those little compressors have troublekeeping up, so we're sort of the friend to the compressor which in turn keeps it runningless which reduces your energy cost as well.

So lot's of benefits here and.

HOST: Just amazing.

A lot of upsides there, the flowers are going to drink cleaner water.

They're going to drink more water.

They're going to look fresher, they're going tostay fresher longer.

Maybe reduce your costs.

You're not saying you will, but certainlythat compressor won't have to work as hard.

And a all in all it's just going to meana better bottom line.

CO2: Well it does.

The cost of our productis, we run 24/7, it's working all the time.

The cost is a penny an hour.

I mean it'snothing, it's insignificant.

They can stop buying these chemicals that they through inthe water to keep the water clean.

Everybody knows you have to keep the water clean.

Youcan avoid that expense.

You can avoid the ethylene scrubber expense or absorber.

I meanit's, it's just, let mother nature do it.

It'll be a whole lot cheaper and giveyou a better product.

HOST: Well Wes, right now we're going totalk to someone who's very excited about this.

A grower and user.

And see what shehas to say.

CO2: Alright, thank you.

HOST: Joining me right now is Chrissy Benson from Phoenix, Arizona, and Chrissy, as I understand,you're very excited about this technology.

Chrissy: I am beyond excited.

The CO2 padsare fabulous.

They've done nothing but make our bottom line greatly improved.

A, my customerslove the product because it makes their flowers last.

And in fact just the other day, I hada client tell me that they were beyond ecstatic.

Their flowers lasted significantly longerthat anywhere else.

We will always have the pads in all our florist shops.

HOST: Well thank you so much for being on welcome home.

Chrissy: Thank you Host: Well Wes, Chrissy was singing some loudaccolations about your technology.

Right now you have the attention of all of our viewers.

What's the best way for them to learn more about CO2 Technologies?CO2: Well, I would suggest going to the website which is www.



HOST: Easy enough, and they'll be on theirway to improving their bottom line, making their flower fresher, longer.

CO2: Well they will, and I appreciate Chrissy,but we get more testimonials for flowers than any other industry.

We deal in other industries,meat, seafood, produce but, the florists love us.

HOST: I know, earlier I was looking at a oneof your testimonials from one of your very large grocery store chains and they were singingvery loud praises.

This product really works.

CO2: It does, it just simply works.


HOST: Well Wes, thank you so much for beingon welcome home.

CO2: Alright, thank you.

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