Nikon D750 Flower Garden Shooting 18-35mm 24-120mm 60mm micro 京都宇治三室戸寺あじさい 大阪舞洲ゆり園撮影

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Hello ! It's rainy season in Japan now.

Since we don't have blue sky, I don't feel like going out for shooting.

but hydrangeas and lilies are the best season right now.

I went to shoot them.

Mimuroto Temple in Kyoto Uji is famous for hydrangea garden, and, Osaka Maishima Lily Garden is just 3 years old, new lily garden.

Let's watch the photos and movies.

How did you like it ? I brought 2 lenses, 24-120mm zoom lens and 60mm micro lens for hydrangea shooting.

but mostly I used 60mm micro lens.

it had rained until just before I arrived, I expected to shoot rain drop and the flowers.

but my pictures were not so good, hahaha.

it was my first time of serious flower shooting, so, it was a good experience for me.

and I found lotuses are opening the flowers.

so, I shoot them.

Lotuses season will start from July.

Mimuroto Temple hydrangea festival will open till 28th of June 2015.

and I actually didn't know well about Osaka Maishima Lily Garden although I live in Osaka, I found it on the internet.

I was looking for some events for shooting.

the event is pretty populer.

( I was quite surprised.

) I arrived at 9:30 am on a weekday.

it's quite quiet at the moment but getting to be packed in 1 hour.

If you want to have enough space to shoot the garden, I highly recommend you to arrive at the garden at 8:30am.

I didn't brought my tripod this time, but the garden allows you to use tripods.

and, the lily garden holds a photo contest.

I saw some prize winner's pictures from last year at the exit.

They are holding the contest this year, too.

the first prize money is US$ 3,000.

Maybe you will win 🙂 The lily garden will open till 5th July.

I brought my 18-35mm zoom lens and 60mm micro lens.

I brought 18-35mm just because I didn't used it for a long time.

but it was my miss choice.

18-35mm wide zoom lens wasn't suitable for the flower garden.

🙁 I mean, there was distance between the passage and the lilies.

So, I used 35mm side, but it was still far.

So, I changed into 60mm and I had to use 60mm most of the time.

it's ok, now, I have knowledge, I'll bring my 24-120mm lens for flower garden shooting from now.

I couldn't shoot the combination of blue sky and flowers because it's rainy season, I will try it at autumn cosmos shooting next time.

OK, see you soon at the next video, bye !.

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