Owl 🦉 & Flowers 🌺 Nail Art (Subt. Español)

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Welcome to channel Necko Nails Says, regalame a Me Gusta and Suscribite Welcome again to my channel, Today I will show you how to do this manicurist, owls and flowers.

That is what I have here And the truth I do not have names that use base enamels (violet and turquoise) I received these gifts and have neither name nor number that can tell but I'm sure you can find these colors in brands that you like as Sally hansen or whatever As you can see in my other hand I'm trying other colors But I will not do manicures today with these Here I am putting protector cuticles Well since I have cuticles protector I will use this plate Bundle Monster this design here, this turquoise And violet I use this owl I start with owls, I will use this nail GOSH and of course the transparent stamper Now I show you how to make a All I use is down in the box of description Well now with an orange stick I'll get the guard cuticles but I will overtake so it is not so long acetone with a brush and clean the edges Ok, since my Top Coat is dry I put oil on my cuticles thus As I said before, I love this oil my cutitulas much dry and it really saved me! Below I leave the website if they want to get this aceitito Look at that cute look! I love! When you upload the photos you will see that the colors, the violet is re clearly, here really is not Buenos want to thank you for watching the video I hope you have a heremoso day, Chauuuu.

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