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flower petal size- 5 x 3.

5 cms thin wire to stick it to the petal, it's size is 4.

5 cms glue it and stick it to the petal we need 6 petals to make a flower tie this to the wire.

take same colour paper and wrap it to the wire then take 7.

5 m x 4.

5 cms paper strip which is darker than the petal colour.

fold the paper in length wise stretching and crimping the paper fold it and apply glue and sick it take 19 cms thick wire and fold its upper edge tie pips(2) to the wire tie this around the pips now start joining the petals one by one tie the petals with a thread wrap a green floral tape around the wire now adjusting and stretching the petals take green paper for leaves.

leaves sizes are 18.

5 x 3 cms and 18.

5 x 2.

5 cms cut it into leaves shape.

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