Pequeñas flores rojas – Little red flowers- 看上去很美 Pelicula completa

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Do not! Do not! Put me down! It's snack time! Asentaos okay? Hi I'm Miss Li.

What I can help? You guys.

? – I'm the father of Qiang.

– What is your name? Why are you crying? You not want to come to school, huh? Does not want.

Tell Miss Li: "My name is Fang and I Qiangqiang almost four years" The director said he could start school already.

Always has her grandmother's care, but recently his grandmother went to her village.

His mother works in another city, and I work out well, why Qiang has to stay here in this center.

Here children are 4-5 years.

We are two teachers and two assistants.

That is the Tang teacher.

The housekeepers are Ma and Fu.

Go play with the other children.

Do not Cry.

Come here.

Stop crying.

What time is it? It is two o'clock.

Old wolf, old wolf, what time is it? It's three o'clock.

Old wolf, old wolf, what time is it? You want to learn this game? Miss Li makes Wolf and children are the lambs.

All lambs follow the wolf, and say: "Old wolf, old wolf, what time is it?" Wolf says: "It is one o'clock" after two, three, four and so on.

When the wolf says, "it is nine o'clock" turns around.

Catch a lamb and eats! It is nine o'clock! Come Qiang.

Can I see your braid? Who made you? Come Catch him! Qiang! Get up! You have to remove it, so you will not pillarás lice, And you do not will sweat in the summer!.

it's for your own good.

If you let the let's cut, we will give you a red florecita.

Still! If you want more rice, raise the right arm with an open hand.

This is the right, Jin.

If you want more soup, raise the left fist.

I said your fist.

Come eat and shut up.

Do not get up, Fa.

First raises his hand.

– What do you want, Fa? – I peed.

You have to get used to go to the toilet before eating.

You can not go to the toilet while eating got it ?.

You lose a flower.

Give it.

Give it to me! Why do not you take off your clothes, Qiang? Qiang do not know undressing, Nanyan.

It's your turn.

– Do not cry, Qiang.

– Nanyan, go to bed.

Time to wake up! Come on! Arise, Hai! You can remove your red I flower.

– Qiang has wet the bed! Stay here.

What are you two doing? Put, fast! One, two, three, go Stoop! Who said that? Listen carefully, you have to learn to poop every morning.

So ye quitáis leftovers from the previous day and no Once you get worms.

Did you understand? – It is understood.

Already you have done? Qian also defecated today.

– Very good! The entire week.

– Qiang, did you have done? – I can not.

– Okay, leave.

Wash your hands.

– Do I lose my red flower? Flower? No, not this time, but if tomorrow you do poop, I'll give you one.

Raise your hands and stand in a row.

All right.

The first row can enter.

– Qiang did not wash their hands! – Qiang, now if you lose a flower.

Who gets every day of the week 5 flowers will.

the delegate class the following week.

Let's see who have gotten flowers today.

Qian, five flowers.

Mao, four flowers.

Hai, a flower.

Jin also won three flowers.


and other three as well.

Og Dou Ning has not got any today.

Ning has mocked again a partner and go without flowers.

Dou has to learn to dress herself and to wash their hands.

Eh yes? Try to do better tomorrow.

– What happens Qiang? – Why I have not any red flower? You peed in bed last night, you do not desvestiste yourself, and do not wash your hands.

– I did not know, I did not know it.

If you do well tomorrow, I'll give you a okay? And the next time you want to ask, raise your hand first.


Qian has gotten back five flowers.

Learn from your partner.

Every day you have 5 chances to win a flower: Bedwetting, dress himself and wash their hands, remember to go to the toilet, and not talk in bed.

Each of these things gives a flower to put your name here.

Who gets 5 flowers each day all week will.

What fun.

I want five flowers.

– The smoking jacket, gets well.

– The smoking jacket, gets well.

– Each button on your site.

– Each button on your site.

– The shoes well, left and right.

– The left shoes right, and right.

– And to finish well shoelaces tied.

– And to finish well shoelaces tied.

All right.

Hands on the back! Asentaos Ya! – Who wants to make a show? – I want, I.

Then Beiyan, Hai and Mao.

Ready, Set, Go! The dressing gown, gets well.

Each button on your site.

Get the jersey.

Putting it until well.

Take good pants.

First one leg, then the other.

The right and left sock are equal.

Low heel, so goes better.

Shoes well, left and right.

And to finish well shoelaces tied.

Very good.


Most already you have learned to clothe.

Who does not know? Hold it right there.

Chest out, head up, clenched fists.

All right.

You can learn.

Ponte watching others.

Hold it right there.

Who dressed you this morning? Did you do that yourself? – Answer me properly! – Do not.

– Who helped you? Aloud.

– The Miss Zhang.

Why should we learn to dress themselves? Who can answer? – All right.


– Because all children have to learn.

Did you hear that? However, some have not yet learned.

– What we do about it? – Help them.

– Exactly! Do we help them now? – Yes! Who wants to do a show? Raise your hand.

Qian, go ahead please.

Come on.

Let your underwear.

Go with Miss Ma.

Come here, Qiang.

You've seen? Now you try it.


Nobody will help you.

When you're done you can go.

I dressed just this morning, I screwed up a lot and I washed my hands.

So why do not I have a flower? Qiang has been very good.

Do we give a flower? No, we should not spoil him.

Qiang, you must be hardworking and obedient.

– Qiang is peeing, Miss Li! – Sit down.

– I can not put up with! – Then run, go.

– I'll say! – Shut up! Miss! Miss! Get out of bed.

Come on! Stay here! Do you dare to ride here? Well of course! Do you dare to climb higher? Let me down! Let me down! Help! Help! Help me down! Help me down! Get down from there! Get down now! How did you come up there? Am I hearing you? Brat! Behave! How did you get here? – You jumped from the window? – Yes.

– Yeah ?! – Yeah ?! Yes.

I've seen hitting Beiyan, Nanyan.

You're lying and being naughty.

The two are like sisters right? From now ye your help to each other.

Enough whining! Both you lose a flower! – Nanyan? – You want to make fun of us? No.

Come, I want to show you something.

– What is it? – I want to show you something.



– Look.

– A red flower.

– Have you removed the teachers? – Do not.

She took from you.

and your flower.

I give you mine.

I do not want it.

The first time we let him go.

The second is still free.

But the third time we take it, and we put our boat.

The first time we let go.

Miss Li, Hai's father came to pick it up.

– Hey kid.

– Let me introduce you.

– This is the teacher of Hai.

– Hello.

We not end up within two hours.

Hai's father is a deputy director of logistics department.

It is a very busy man, what happens is that it has caught in this area.

Thank you for bothering to come here.

Hello Sir assistant principal.

– Are you being naughty Hai? – Of course not.

Has both, dowry and hardworking.

– Have you done this pin board yourselves? – Yes.

– Responsible is Miss Tang.

– Not bad.

They have many gifted children.

The Kong director and you have worked hard for this.


And Hai as it is doing.

Hai, you're not doing very well.

Lately he's doing much better.

How this guy has no flower? – Should help him.

– We do.

They have not yet received flowers today.

The two have achieved all have.

Daddy, I want a pair of pants with suspenders.

Beware of your work is not going to be that miméis too.

My father gave it to me for me.

Do not touch it! I can see? No, it is only for adults.

Can I see it, please? It's okay.

Thank Qiang.

– I want to play.

– You're too puny! – Can I hold her? – The shift can take! I want to caress her! I also! Get away from us! We are stroking the fish.

Over there! They are there! Get out of here! Beiyan, you wanna play? I have not play with anyone.

– Can I push you? – Voucher.

– Strong? – How to Write strong.

Is it okay like that? – Tougher not.

– Is not it funny? Not so strong! Now it is OK! – Is supposed to be strong.

– For.

– You want to play anything else? – Voucher.

– Let's play you're hurt.

– Voucher.

– I have to get some medicine for you.

– But we have none.

I'll find some.

Buttons are medicines okay? Give me one.

– Can I get a shot? – Voucher.

Qiang what are you doing? Gives you no shame? Beiyan, come here! Do you let a guy take away your underwear ?! Qiang, stay there against the wall! Do not ever let a guy do that! High! Right! Head on! High! Firmes! Break! Firmes! Break! Firmes! Break! Firmes! Break! Firmes! Break! Get up! If you ever play the fool, I locked closure.

It is understood? Get up! Move on! Qiang What are you doing? No talking is allowed in or out of bed! Unfollow me.

Look you're funny huh? What were you doing now Qiang? A sea monster wanted to eat.

– Where's the monster now? – I've peed.

– The king of wet beds! – That you! Let me see.

Good Guy.

– Miss Tang.

– Yes.

Good Guy.

The train enters the tunnel.

All right.

Good Guy.

The shoes.

Exercise No.


Whole body.

Ready? 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8.


Stop! Exercise No.



Ready? 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8.

1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and stop! Enough for today! – Cochino! – Cochino! Why you looking at me? Why you looking at me? Asiéntate.

Stop crying.


– Why cry? – Only he knows.

– The small Li is giving away apples.

– Little Li is giving away apples.

At the end are only two.

One large and one small.

One large and one small.

– The big one is for a friend.

– Miss, Ning is fighting! Ning! Ning Enough! You know it is not permitted fight.

Go back to your seat now! Two times more.


begin! The small Li is giving away apples.

Who was it? Who has peído? Standing! Butt out! Enough of laughs! Miss Ma.

Qiang and Nanyan need to go to the toilet.

Come, Nanyan.

Well, asentaos well.

I do not have to go.

I have to go, Miss Ma.

When you finish shout.

You stink! Get out of me! – Li.

Little – Little Li.

– Is giving away apples.

– is giving away apples.

At the end are only two.

– A large and one small.

– You're singing badly.

The big one is for a friend.

The small is for a friend and great for the small Li.

For! The small is for a friend and great for the small Li.

What a couple! He loves carrots, loves leaves, jumping around, so smugly.

He loves carrots, loves leaves.

Jumping around, so smugly.

Giddy horse! Giddy horse! Faster! Faster! Faster! – Do not get me, You stink! – Let's play in the street.

Let's see if I get it! Wait for me! – Steadfast! – Steadfast! – Steadfast! – Steadfast! Here there are beautiful flowers.

A hospital! I want to get sick, so I have to go to kindergarten.

There you have good food every day, and your parents visit you! We play to be sick? – I'll still be good or bad? – Voucher.

You have to be clean when you're bad.

What do you do? I do not kiss my ear! Come on, let's go! What animal was imitating Nanyan? Do not say anything, raise your hand.

– Pang.

– A peacock.

Now I imitate animals, and you have to guess what they are.

Look carefully.

Miss Li has become a monster.

I'm going to tell you a secret.

You're not the daughter of your parents.

You if you're not! The Miss Li has eaten your sister! – I am a monster? – Do not.

– Do I have a tail? – Do not.

None of us has a tail.

Imagine that Miss Li children only eat! Do not move Qiang! Miss Li can become anything.

– Do you like the taste of children? – Insurance! Qian has been turned into a monster by Miss Li.

– Qian has hairs in the armpit? – They will clog the hair.

– Do you think we going to eat? – Probably.

I can become a girl! I can become a girl! – Why did you touch my ass? – To see if you have tails.

Only monsters have tails.

– Why did you touch me? – To see if you have tails.

You do not have tails.

You neither.

Look at me! Can I hide under your bed? I'm afraid to eat me.


– Can we beat the two Miss Li? – I do not know.

– We tried? – No, we never can.

Even whole class could with it.

Where are you going? – I want to see how Miss Li.

– Stay here! It will eat you! I want to see is a monster.

Be careful.

If the tie very strong you can not eat us.

– With what? – I have all my shoelaces.

– They are too short.

– We can tie them with mine.

Let's go for some more.


What's going on? What about Mao? – What happened? – I do not know.

– What are you doing? – Tell me.

– Tell me about it.

– A monster.

There are no monsters.

It's just a dream.

– Come will not cry.

– Dime Mao.

who is a monster? Do not Cry.

Who is calling me a monster? Let them stand up the culprit! – Who is saying that about me ?! – Take it easy.

Mao, tell me who said that! Jin Arise! – Shame on you! – Li.

Do not Cry.

Back off! – I'm not afraid! – I'm not afraid of you! Do not! Leave it alone! – For! – Qiang! Outside! Let's play something! The wolf is bad.


corred before you eat! – No, we want to kill him.

– How dare you! What's up? – Who has gotten you? – I have beaten them.

You are the class troublemakers.

All about you! And you his sidekick.

You are the worst! You do not have more than bad ideas! Are you making faces? Do it again.

Again! You deserve a beating! Your parents have allowed you to be a scoundrel! Keep it up, let him go to jail when you grow up! You are too good.

If you're too good others always mess with you.

Next time you go directly to the teacher, okay? Disculpaos Mao, one by one, you first Ning.

– I promise to be good.

– Have not you learned to disculparos? – Sorry.

– Get back.

– Mao.

– I called you? – Well, Hai? – I am sorry.

No I'll never do.

Fang Qiangqiang.

Fang Qiangqiang.

– Fang Qiangqiang! – Stupid! – What have you said? – Go to hell! – Do not! – Come here! – I do not want! – Get up! When you have reconsidered your behavior me know! Open the door! Open the door! Who you are? Kong director Deliver me! A monster wants to eat me! I was stupid.

– Who taught you to talk like that? – No one! Someone should have taught.

Nobody talks like that.

– Those are some ugly words.

– Nobody taught me.

Now behave yourself and let us case.

– Do not be contestón.

– I want to go to school! Do not think it's so much fun to leave the nursery.

Your time here will be the happiest day of your life.

And when you realize it will be too late.

You'll see when you grow up, you understand? Let him apart.

Have no contact with other children.

Leave him aside.

– Qiang is making fun! – Spend it.

Sit down.

Qiang has been bad.

You can not talk to him.

Beiyan, why are you crying? What's wrong? Do not cry.

Go to sleep.

Why do you laugh at me? I'm not laughing at you.

Do not be silly.

I laugh a dog.

You can return to play with other children.

Get down in a row! Look I'm not in a row! Tell the lady I'm not in a row! Look, I'm not.

Translated by Scarecrown AllZine.


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