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Make a PomPomWow Flower Vase with Savanna! Hey guys, Savanna here! Today I'm going to show you how to transform PomPomWow with the decoration station to make a really cool flower arrangement! I'm going to use the stamper station to create my own color tips.

Now I'll use the pipette to make cool tie-dye effects! I'm going to color some of the PomPom Wow with the markers! And then I'll add the glitter pen to add some sparkle! While these are drying make sure you have your other materials ready! Foam Balls, Sticky Dots, Vase, Green Bendy Straws Take one of your foam balls & stick, pull, wow! All the way around.

Be sure to leave a little space for your step.

Put a sticky dot on the end of your straw & stick it onto your foam ball.

Your first flower is done! Bonus: Use your empty Pom Pom Wow tubes as vase fillers! I just love how this brightens up the room! For even more cool PomPomWow craft ideas, follow us on Instagram & don't forget to like, comment, & subscribe! Bye for now!.

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