Sugus Rose Tutorial – Sugar Flowers

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For this tutorial, we will need: skewers stick, food coloring, glair, starch and of course chewing candy as tools, we will need a rolling pin, paint brushes, a scissors, a plier and some plastic foil if the candy isn't soft enough, you can let it heat up in the sun or near a heat source (stove or place it in the microwave) I start creating a sphere from a candy I transform the sphere into a cone we mount the cone on a skewer stick and let it a couple of hours to dry properly on the stick we use half a candy for each petal and we create another sphere which we transform it again into a cone I flatten the cone and give it a leaf shape I measure it from time to time.

the leaf has to be bigger than the cone on which we'll fix it we make the leaf thinner and increase it until it reaches the size needed again, we make the leaf thinner under the foil in total: 3 rows x 3 leafs: 3 small, 3 medium and 3 large for the sepals, bulb and stem I dye a candy in green I start shaping the sepals.

5 total and make the shape of the sepals with the scissors I make two or three cuts on each edge I repeat this steps 5 times to obtain all the necessary sepals and here are all the necessary petals(9) and sepals(5) gradually, I will add them on the cone that was fixed on the stick we apply glue (glair) on the whole cone here we can see the difference in size of the petals I mount the first row of petals the petal must exceed and cover the tip of the cone I arrange the three petals at the same height and wrap them in a spiral such that the interior cone is not visible at all using the other end of the paint brush to reach between the petals and create the spiral I arrange the lower part of the petals and after that I prepare the petals to be applied on the second row by applying glue (glair) on the lower side of the petals each petal will be placed over the joint of the two petals from the previous row the height of the petals exceeds by about 2 mm the height of the previous row I create a spiral once again to fix the petals into place, I apply glue(glair) between them, where it is needed I bend a little bit the edge of the petals and add a bit of glue to fix the petal's edge I do the same with the third row of petals after everything is in place, I apply a little color on the petals carefully, I start mounting the sepals I apply glue at the bottom of the rose and start gluing the sepals one by one I make a bulb and start covering the stem a green sphere, introduced on the stem and glued at the bottom of the flower from the big sphere, I pull the paste down, on the stem.

And the rose is finished! I can now use it in an ornament or I can place it besides his "sisters" which are made out of gum paste :).

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